Theme Chooser Themes 2.0.2

Source:JRummy Apps Inc.

This app is a tool to easily find the many T-Mobile Theme Engine themes available for custom ROMs (like CyanogenMod)

Tips & Tricks:

- Click on a theme to open the link
- GREEN: Theme is free
- BLUE: Theme has both free & paid versions
- RED: Theme is a paid app
- Click menu -> "Filter..." to filter themes
- Click menu -> "Search..." to change search type
- Click the icon in the title-bar to open the Theme Chooser
- LongClick the icon in the title-bar to show/hide the Search Tool

Filter by: Free, Free+Donate, Paid, Developer, HDPI, MDPI, LDPI

Search by: Theme name, description, developer

This app supports ads. To remove the ads:

1) Download ROM Toolbox Pro
2) Buy the donate version

Happy theming :)

keywords: cm7, theme, tmobile, root, rom, jrummy

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